A case management software built on SharePoint can perfectly fit the need of organizations to categorize and quantify “big data” for speedy investigation or remediation of issues. It allows centralized access to critical case data, in turn giving workers the ability to focus more on outcomes rather than spending time on paperwork and data collection..

Case Management App enables you to streamline and standardize the process of capturing, investigating, resolving, and reporting cases. The App cuts across enterprise siloes, gathering and consolidating case data in a central repository, while also enhancing cross-functional collaboration on case investigations. Investigative tasks can be quickly assigned along with automated alerts to keep the process on track. At every stage, powerful dashboards and analytics provide in-depth case visibility, enabling you to proactively identify and resolve critical cases.

Features of a Good Case Management Software

  • bullet-point Shared database of all client information.
  • bullet-pointCapability for document capture, handling, generation and storage.
  • bullet-pointAdaptability to handle variable case workflows.
  • bullet-pointPoweful search ability to view and retrieve case specific documents instantly .
  • bullet-point Listing of all cases entered in the document library with metadata navigation.
  • bullet-pointMultiple users have shared access to documents at any given time.
  • bullet-pointRemote access to information irrespective of location.
  • bullet-pointBuilt-in calendar function with task lists and alerts.bullet-point Highly informative customizable dashboard for business analytics.
  • bullet-pointEmail integration and internal communication system for teams